Thief & Moth is a textile manufactory based in Madison, WI. Each product is hand-woven from high quality materials. The design of each piece displays the thoughtful attention we give to both form and function, and excellent craftsmanship ensuring that our work will endure. With a focus on elegance and simplicity, each piece is offered only in limited collections - guaranteeing that you have a unique item and that we are always free to make what we are most excited about. We want you to own beautiful, long lasting textiles for many years to come.


About The Weaver

Amanda James grew up in Omaha, NE and dreamed of beautiful things. Her imaginative mind found ample room to create, dream, and explore while she earned a Bachelor's of Fine Art's from the Kansas City Art Institute. Given that her creativity is healthily married to pragmatic approach towards process and details - creating woven textiles was a natural fit. Eschewing the route of designing textiles for large scale production companies was an easy choice; Amanda has always held an affinity for the details of the concrete, particular, and personal. It is her great pleasure to share this portion of herself with others.

Amanda currently lives in Monona, WI with her husband and three small daughters. Her passions outside the studio include quality conversations with friends and family, growing and eating beautiful food and enjoying a nice glass of wine.