Below is our standard size chart. If you have any questions - or require either a smaller or larger garment - please contact me and we can discuss what options may be possible

Our garments are designed to fit comfortably and flow naturally over most body types. If you are afraid your fit will be too snug - or you're on the upper edge of one of these categories - I recommend ordering the next size up.

For those of you who want to measure yourself, but may not be fully confident of doing so correctly, here are some pointers:

FOR ALL MEASUREMENTS: Pull the tape taught around each position to check the measurement, and to avoid oversizing.  Please remember that most of our garments include 3-5" of easement (extra room) because of the style and the importance of being able to take them off without struggling.  

BUST: This measurement is around the FULLEST part of your bust, typically about 1 inch below the bottom of your armpit.

WAIST: This is the SMALLEST point of you midsection, typically at or just above your belly button.

HIP: This is the FULLEST point of your hips and bottom, turn both ways in the mirror (or have a friend help you) and make sure you are getting the correct position.